It is a staff blog of waste collection. We guide you through some of our service.

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Everything is OK even if there are steep stairs


We can easily bring every kind of big appliance, furniture, or heavy luggage down to the ground floor.
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We often accept removal requests for garbage immediately

We got rid of a desk and chair this time.

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Removal of the furniture from the second floor


We accepted a request from a foreigner living in Hamura City, Tokyo this time.
The client’s house is in a residential area near the Yokota base, and our work was removing the furniture from the second floor of a single house.

We need to be careful getting rid of the furniture from the 2nd floor.
It is necessary to be especially careful not to touch the walls and floors.

In this case, we disassembled all of the furniture, such as the bed, shelves, etc., and carried them out.

By the way, we are available near the Yokosuka base as well.
We also accept some requests for the urgent removal of the furniture.

If you are interested in our services,
you can also contact us by phone or email.


Inquiry email for quotation / consultation

TEL: 0120-991-990

This is the hoarding house. Clean with our service.


We clean the room by sorting garbage.

Please leave the disposal of a large amount of garbage to us.

We can handle a wide range of items, from one piece of bulky garbage that is not needed to a whole house like a garbage mansion.
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Removing a lot of garbage


Why does the garbage increase?

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Leave it to us for disposal in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kawasaki.


Please leave disposing of unwanted items in Tokyo, Yokohama and Kawasaki to Nishida Service.
We will collect and dispose of furniture, home appliances, and other items that are no longer needed.
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Our response to the novel coronavirus (covid-19)


The new coronavirus has calmed down considerably, but Nishida Service will continue to take the following measures to be careful of the new coronavirus.

-Wearing a mask (we are working with a mask on)
-Disinfection (we are sterilizing with alcohol disinfection)
-Physical condition management (every morning, we measure the temperature of our staff)
We will continue to prioritize the health and safety of our customers and employees and respond promptly based on the action plans issued by the government and government.
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When you have too much office furniture and every kind of waste


We often have to get rid of office furniture when many clients need to move to the other place their office.

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Carrying the furniture usually take risks


Do you have anything to throw away some big furniture?

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Disposal action for getting back to your country


Generally, when you need to go back to your country nearly days, you’ll have to assemble your luggage in your room.

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Inquiry of the disposalInquiry of the disposal

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SangyouHaikibutsu SyuusyuuUnpangyou Kyokabangou No.05600158419 / Kanagawaken Kouaniinkai No.451930004961