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  • Moving Rubbish,Oversized Trash
  • Disposal of Office garbage
  • Disposing of Furniture
  • Electronic Recycling
  • Cleaning Room
  • Moving Worldwide
  • Sodai gomi
  • PC Recycling


Washing machine
Air Conditioner
Bed Mattress
Personal Computer

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Google Reviews

Kitty AKitty A
01:58 12 Jul 24
Very quick to respond. Really helped me in disposing my stuff very quickly. Thank you!
Kiyoshi MitsuhashiKiyoshi Mitsuhashi
00:59 08 Jul 24
Chathushka PeirisChathushka Peiris
23:52 07 Jul 24
I used Nishida Service to recycle some of the heavy items i had. I was able to get an appointment on the exact day I wanted and it was within a week. I assume it would be a busy day since it was a sunday but there was no problem making the appointment. Also the price was quite reasonable. Most importantly there are English speaking staff to help you out. I am quite satisfied and highly recommend the service
06:05 03 Jul 24
Anuj SinghAnuj Singh
09:07 23 Jun 24
Extremely good services ! Haste free and good behavior! Speaks english well !!
01:56 11 Jun 24
A family member who lived alone passed away and we asked Mr. Nishida to remove furniture, etc.I was surprised at how quickly they decided on the date and time, and how quickly the work was completed on the day.Is it okay to take this with me while I work? She asked me questions and vacuumed the room at the end, and was very kind.This was my first time using a service like this, but I'm glad I asked Mr. Nishida.If there are people around me who are looking for a contractor, I will recommend Mr. Nishida!This time, thank you very much.
Conner FelixConner Felix
05:49 15 May 24
Came to my house and was able to help with taking all the garbage out. Fast and professional. Will be using services again!
Kendreca PerkinsKendreca Perkins
11:42 12 May 24
Highly recommend this company to anyone who is seeking to remove bulks of junk from your home. The company contacted me back as soon as I put in a quote. I was very happy with their service and the prompt time to remove all of junk.
02:32 10 May 24
04:35 09 May 24
The quick response and service were very good.
Noah SatimNoah Satim
10:32 30 Apr 24
When I had to leave Japan, due to my visa expiring, I was a little concerned about having to dispose of all my furniture, as I had read many people saying that it was not as a straightforward experience like it was back in our home country. I was so happy/lucky to come across Nishida disposal service! They were great from start to finish. It was super easy to make a reservation (in English!) They were honest, friendly, and super reliable! I cannot say enough good things about the great work they did and I would 110% recommend Nishida disposal service!!Thank you all so much and keep up the great work 😊👍With all the Mettā in the cosmos and beyond,Noah
Wethu ThabetheWethu Thabethe
02:30 30 Apr 24
Really convenient service . Highly recommend to use .
03:19 27 Apr 24
Thank you for your prompt response over the phone.I would like to use it again if I have the opportunity.
Guy MaimonGuy Maimon
07:27 13 Apr 24
06:20 10 Apr 24
Even though it was a sudden requestThank you for your support.The speedy work was helpful.The price is also cheaper than I expected.That was a really big help!
Hollis HumphreysHollis Humphreys
07:48 08 Apr 24
The service was fast and efficient. Will definitely use them again
07:05 08 Apr 24
Thank you for helping me work quickly!
00:41 06 Apr 24
If you're military and you have to move out of your home but there's not enough trash days left I highly recommend this service. I was able to schedule and have my trash be disposed in less than 48 hours and the quotes I received from this company were much less than other sites. It was very quick and very professional - plus I didn't need to have a translator! It is very English friendly. I'll add photos of the before and after! But this all was able to be done in less than 2 hours - which was pretty awesome tbh.Oh and if you have a bad phone number you don't need a number to schedule or get an estimate and then after you can just use your friend's number (but from my experience they didn't even need to use it so major plus). I did all my communication via email🙌Anyways highly recommended!
Luc ForgetLuc Forget
10:18 04 Apr 24
I used their service before moving out. I had a strong timing constraints but they managed to schedule the removal in a way that fulfill them. The office is very reactive and it's possible to get help in English.I would not hesitate to contact them again.
10:53 01 Apr 24
They responded quickly and did a great job!
Franck BarretFranck Barret
07:33 01 Apr 24
It was perfect
Aerin NicoleAerin Nicole
03:02 29 Mar 24
Fast reliable service by respectful professionals! It doesn’t get easier than this!
home Machihome Machi
01:25 29 Mar 24
My mother passed away suddenly, and I asked her to collect the things she left behind at a nursing home.Scheduling was quick and the work on the day was quick. It took about an hour from start to finish, but I think the actual work time was about 30 minutes.This is my first time using this kind of service, so I don't know about others.I rented a car myself, drove it home, and researched how to dispose of TVs and bulky garbage.I wonder if I can do it when I'm busy with funerals and Nan!The home says it will be for two weeks, and although it can be extended, the rent will be charged accordingly.I think it was a very good choice when you compare the effort and cost.Before the collection, I was able to select only the items I needed from the items that were left behind, and I am now displaying them next to the portraits of the deceased.I believe that I was able to have that peace of mind because I chose Mr. Nishida.thank you for helping me.thank you very much.
09:06 28 Mar 24
I asked them to collect unwanted items.The two of us came, and the process started with a polite greeting, and the removal process was quick.Although it was something we had put a lot of thought into, we were able to send it off comfortably.When we requested a quote, we received a clear, prompt, and lowest price response from several companies.(Some other companies had twice as much)I would like to ask you again if I have a chance.
kitchrel tatekitchrel tate
06:57 28 Mar 24
Very Prompt service! Workers were very quick and professional. I would recommend this company!
04:46 23 Mar 24
They were very kind and helpful, so I would like to use them again.
Jiji TacJiji Tac
02:36 20 Mar 24
He did a good job conscientiously.
Steven CandraSteven Candra
01:09 20 Mar 24
It is a very good service!! my apartment is clean in an instant
00:21 20 Mar 24
They were kind and worked quickly. They were very helpful and willing to take care of additional items.thank you very much.
08:55 17 Mar 24
I have been indebted to Mr. Nishida before. This time, we asked for the disposal of large storage batteries. In any case, I don't think any other company has the low price and good footwork. There is no need to worry if you ask Mr. Nishida right away instead of getting a quote from another company. If you have any problems with disposal or problems, Nishida is the place to go. I recommend it!
Mark AlbaoMark Albao
05:44 17 Mar 24
Miguel Mejia TobarMiguel Mejia Tobar
08:33 16 Mar 24
Good service!
Kimberly LuceroKimberly Lucero
05:56 11 Mar 24
Been contacting them whenever I have things to throw from any of my businesses and they respond very quick. Their staffs are very nice too. Highly Recommended!
mio miomio mio
05:13 07 Mar 24
They responded very quickly and carefully.
04:20 03 Mar 24
I requested this service to dispose of the belongings of a house.The plan was for two days, but they were able to complete it in just a few hours, which was very helpful.The price was very reasonable, and they also vacuumed and cleaned the work after the work was completed.If you have anything else, please feel free to contact me.
07:30 01 Mar 24
The response was quick and very helpful.The price is also cheap lol
00:04 29 Feb 24
Thank you for your quick work. It was a polite job. It was helpful.
Mayson CroweMayson Crowe
05:27 21 Feb 24
Very handy to have him come and get my oversized stuff. The city requires 2 weeks advanced notice, Nishida does not! Just use him, you won't regret it. Fridge and Washer too.
Shyam The BloggerShyam The Blogger
20:01 19 Feb 24
The service was on time amidst the rains. Kudos to the effort. Hassle free.
02:07 19 Feb 24
When my elderly father moved, I asked him to organize the remaining belongings. We appreciate the attentive service from removing the washlet in the toilet to cleaning the room at the end. Thank you.
07:47 17 Feb 24
The work was done quickly and cleanly. thank you for helping me
06:15 15 Feb 24
They responded quickly and took away other unnecessary items.I would like to ask you again.The female staff are also kind and recommended.I was more than happy that you came that day.
05:56 13 Feb 24
Thank you for bringing the items I requested. I would like to ask for any unnecessary items again.
04:54 13 Feb 24
I was treated very kindly!
y ky k
08:13 10 Feb 24
I had a sudden request and there was a change, but they were able to accommodate it immediately. The response over the phone was easy to understand and kind.
Ryoko ArimuraRyoko Arimura
10:34 09 Feb 24
Today, we responded to the collection.Thank you very much for your quick response! !If you need anything again, I would like to ask you next time.Thank you very much.
Ayako ToyookaAyako Toyooka
04:57 09 Feb 24
I received proper notice in advance,The setup on the day was quick and I would like to use it again.It was a company.It was helpful.thank you very much.
05:34 08 Feb 24
Since this was my first time using a junk collection service, I had heard rumors about various unscrupulous companies and was wondering how to choose one.Due to changes in my lifestyle, it was difficult for me to break up furniture, appliances, gardening tools, etc. into small pieces, separate them, and dispose of them as government bulky waste on my own, but when I found Nishida Service on the internet and consulted with them, they Unlike other companies, they were willing to respond to detailed consultations such as seasonal fees, etc., and my concerns were alleviated.I would like to use this service again if I have something to dispose of.I'm really thankful to you
shrish123 kumarshrish123 kumar
05:24 27 Jan 24
04:01 27 Jan 24
We had good people come and do the work quickly and smoothly and at a price that was as quoted.
mimy wmimy w
00:52 27 Jan 24
They kindly responded to my urgent request.I was hoping for some purchase, but that's disappointing.
Kristina Aleck RacalKristina Aleck Racal
07:58 25 Jan 24
Very fast and great service! Highly recommend it! Easy to speak as an english speaker.
Jun HiyoshiJun Hiyoshi
09:00 23 Jan 24
Work was done very quickly and carefully. The female staff was also very efficient and made me feel at ease.
07:47 16 Jan 24
I used it to clean up my uncle and his wife's house. It was the end of the year, and even though I was busy, I was very grateful that you listened to my selfish desire to get things done by the end of the year. I was able to find the key that I had given up on not being able to find.Also, if you have a chance, I would like to ask you to do so.
02:20 11 Jan 24
Thank you!
06:52 08 Jan 24
Even though the inquiry was made the day before, they responded quickly and were very kind. I would like to request it again when I request collection!
Adrienne GilliverAdrienne Gilliver
14:28 05 Jan 24
The service was prompt, efficient and quick. I wanted an unwanted piece of furniture picked up and it was dealt with very professionally. I will recommend this service to my network and use it again for sure
m ym y
04:39 28 Dec 23
It was a great help for us to carry all the unnecessary items in bulk during the year-end cleaning. thank you very much!
Marion TorresMarion Torres
07:21 26 Dec 23
Very fast packing and accommodating
01:26 24 Dec 23
I used it twice in a short period of time. We had to remove the remaining property due to moving, but we would like to thank you for your very courteous and kind response.
08:28 23 Dec 23
Thank you for your prompt response and paying for the collection of the multifunction device.Thank you very much for your kindness in collecting one tire for free.Thanks to all of you, I will have a happy new year.
Ayako HatoriAyako Hatori
05:40 23 Dec 23
Thank you for your prompt and clear accounting, and I look forward to working with you again if I have another opportunity.
13:18 22 Dec 23
Greg TaylorGreg Taylor
02:43 22 Dec 23
Great service! On time quick and very friendly!
Anne GarveyAnne Garvey
02:16 22 Dec 23
Recommend for disposal of unwanted items!So fast and convenient!I called them in the morning and they came that afternoon! 😮‍💨thank you
12:13 20 Dec 23
Nishida Service is a company that I trust, and I have been asking them to collect unwanted items for a long time, and last year they kindly responded when I relocated my store. Thank you very much for your prompt and courteous response! ! Thank you very much m(_ _)m Thank you for your continued support(^^)
10:37 20 Dec 23
I have used it many times. They are reliable, kind, and work quickly and carefully. The employees are also very nice. The prices are also reasonable. I am very grateful that they respond quickly when I contact them.
03:18 16 Dec 23
Thank you for your help, and we always do business at a low price.
02:14 15 Dec 23
Well done!If I had a chance again, I would ask.
benjamin smithbenjamin smith
12:25 13 Dec 23
Quick, kind service!
06:23 13 Dec 23
Thank you for your quick response on the same day and early in the morning!
mari michonmari michon
07:03 12 Dec 23
Over the past 30 years, my attic storage had become so bad that I couldn't clean it up on my own, and I was in trouble. I am filled with gratitude for your help in removing everything from the narrow and difficult-to-move stairs and cleaning up at the end. Thank you for your careful work. If I have another opportunity, I would definitely like to work with you again.
O KumikoO Kumiko
08:13 11 Dec 23
Thank you so much for helping me get rid of things that I couldn't get rid of on my own! We had to deal with the matter many times, including requesting additional disposal, but they responded politely and we were able to leave it to them with peace of mind.
hitsuji maca*hitsuji maca*
08:06 11 Dec 23
I asked for cardboard collection. I requested to pick it up the next day, but the response was quick and I was able to use it without any worries. thank you very much.
Jessie FinleyJessie Finley
01:53 08 Dec 23
I was absolutely pleased with the cordial service provided by Nishida Service. They responded quickly and providing quotes for my unneeded items. Their pick-up were pleasant and efficient. Thanks again for your excellency and would absolutely recommend to friends who are in of their service!
Christine DinhChristine Dinh
05:38 07 Dec 23
Very timely and affordable service!I highly recommend for foreigners in Kanto area who are moving!
Jane AlvizoJane Alvizo
02:22 02 Dec 23
I’m so glad I found this company. They’re very reliable, and their staff is always friendly and accommodating. Super excellent service.
Farah Aisyah MiorFarah Aisyah Mior
10:32 20 Aug 23
I was very very happy with Nishida Service. The staff were incredibly friendly and were absolutely pleasant to communicate with.As I only had a week to pack and move out of my apartment before leaving the country, I had very little time to sort everything out. However, Nishida Service was able to provide me with a quote almost immediately and was also able to accommodate to all my last minute requests and tight schedule. On the day, the staff were able to come exactly at my preferred time and complete the removal in 1 hour.I would definitely use this service again and I highly recommend this service to anyone looking to dispose of items easily and efficiently!
Rachel W.Rachel W.
03:28 06 Aug 23
Very very pleased with Nishida Service!!It was easy to request a quote online (and in English!) and then request and make an appointment.And on the day of removal and disposal, the team was very quick and efficient! Considering the large size of my apartment and amount of garbage I had - they still were able to clear out my 2LDK in just about 2 hours!I would highly recommend using Nishida Service!!


Case Studies of Oversized garbage collection


We have summarized the methods and rules for disposal of oversized waste in the 23 wards of Tokyo, especially the following three points.
・How to apply ・Rule of fee ・Whether you can bring in.
The detail is Waste Disposal Summary that is the guide of disposal furniture and Home Appliance Recycling.

Inquiry of the disposalInquiry of the disposal

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