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Please leave the disposal of storage shelves to us

Whether you are returning to Japan completely or moving within Japan, I feel that many people have trouble disposing of large pieces of furniture.
We will introduce a little trick you need to consider when considering storage shelves, which are one of the items we are relatively asked to dispose of.
●Comparison of transportation costs and repurchase
Shelves for storing clothes, tableware, books, etc. are considered large pieces of furniture.
Large furniture like this is a factor that increases the burden of transportation, so it is easy to compare it with repurchasing at a new location.

Especially for those who use Fast Interior, it seems that there are many cases where “transportation cost + disposal cost > repurchase”.
We judge that there is little need to take the item to your new address, and we will contact you regarding disposal.
●It takes time and effort
Another reason other than transportation costs is the hassle of disassembling and assembling.
Most of the furniture sold in Japan requires some sort of assembly work to accommodate the small size of Japanese housing.
Therefore, it cannot be transported in its assembled state and must be disassembled in some way.

Thinking back to when you bought it or installed it, have you done any assembly work?
Without the necessary tools, you will not only be unable to disassemble it, but you will also be unable to reassemble it when you move.

Considering this amount of effort, we have finally decided to dispose of it.
●I want to dispose of the contents as well.
Some people also want to get rid of the contents such as clothes, tableware, and books that are stored with the shelves.
In particular, some people may wish to have all their belongings disposed of all at once, especially those who are returning to their home country completely after their study abroad or assignment period ends.

Unfortunately, when collected by local governments, they must be disposed of according to the categories set by the rules.
If you dispose of waste in the wrong category, it will be considered illegal dumping and your visa may be cancelled.
You are required to carefully dispose of each item according to your local government.

If you have trouble disposing of personal items such as storage shelves and their contents, there is a paid agency service called an “unwanted item collection company”.
Nishida Service is an “unwanted goods collection company” with staff who can speak English.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any trouble with moving or disposing of furniture.

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SangyouHaikibutsu SyuusyuuUnpangyou Kyokabangou No.05600158419 / Kanagawaken Kouaniinkai No.451930004961