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Please leave the disposal of your bed and mattress to us

Whether you are returning to Japan completely or moving within Japan, I feel that many people have trouble disposing of large pieces of furniture.
We will introduce the points you need to consider when considering bedding, which is one of the items that we are often asked to dispose of.
●Lifespan of frames and mattresses
The lifespan of bed frames and mattresses is generally said to be around 10 years, although the lifespan varies depending on the product.
It would be a waste to have to pay to transport frames and mattresses that have reached the end of their useful life.

Unsanitary conditions such as dents, distortions, creaking noises, and mold growth due to aging
It is recommended that frames and mattresses in this condition be disposed of.
●Tools required
When purchasing a bed, assembly services are often included as part of the bed price or as an optional fee.
In other words, it requires disassembly before being transported.

Tools are required to disassemble the bed. I think it’s a waste to buy tools just for disassembly work.
If you don’t have the tools, consider asking a professional to do it for you.
●Difference in size
My impression is that foreigners tend to prefer relatively larger beds than ours.
What we often see in actual requests is a large bed equivalent to a double or queen size.

Due to the small housing situation in Japan, such a large bed is not suitable and requires some ingenuity when moving it in and out.
It’s not practical to work alone, especially if you can only carry it upstairs. Please consider asking a professional.

If you are only comparing costs, municipal collection is the most optimal method.
However, they must be disposed of according to the categories specified by the rules.

If you dispose of waste in the wrong category, it will be considered illegal dumping and your visa may be cancelled.
You are required to carefully dispose of each item according to your local government.

If you are having trouble disposing of bed frames, mattresses, etc., there is a paid agency service called a “waste item collection company”.
Nishida Service is an “unwanted goods collection company” with staff who can speak English.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any trouble transporting, transporting, or disposing of bedding.

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SangyouHaikibutsu SyuusyuuUnpangyou Kyokabangou No.05600158419 / Kanagawaken Kouaniinkai No.451930004961